Nown Swimwear is an Australian boutique fashion swim wear label specialising in unique swim suits that stand out from the crowd. Nown's playful bright swimmers attract attention wherever they go. Nown has become synonymous with classic and comfortable high-waist bikini and flattering one-peice toggs. Shop Fashion Swimwear Online on our brand spanking new Website.

We take pride in producing our Ethical Swimwear in sweat-shop free conditions. Our Super Cool Swimmers are 100% Made In Australia on the beautiful Gold Coast, and our textiles are sourced and printed in Sydney. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality and best fitting swimwear in the world. Whether you're looking for one-peice swimmers that won't fall off in the surf, a bikini that holds you in all the right places, or just something that will make you look totally rad, you'll love our fits and prints. Browse the cool Nown Fashion Swimwear Online here, or at one of our suppliers.