Our Dog Ruby Loves Bananas

Our Dog Ruby Likes Bananas

Nown Swimwear was born one fine summer’s day in the small beachside town of Coffs Harbour, NSW by a girl with poor surfing skills and the boy she was trying to impress. Frustrated at her struggles, she was further disappointed at having to spend her attempts clad in the daggiest of swimsuits since she was unable to find swimmers that were both nice to look at and practical. She vowed to one day create this dream piece of swimwear and, seeing her determination, he agreed to help her.

They moved north to Brisbane, Queensland after finishing high school and spent a few years pursuing a range of varied interests. However, their dream of one day creating their desired swimwear label was never far from their minds, as every weekend and holiday spent at the beach reminded them of the shortfall of bathers that were available for purchase. So in the spring of 2012 they decided that it was time to get the show on the road and officially founded Nown Swimwear.

Vowing to keep the label from following the trend of cheap, overseas, mass production; they set upon assembling the best possible team locally to help them produce their fun, yet comfortable womens swimwear that is completely manufactured in Australia. With a lot of research and a little bit of luck they stumbled upon the perfect team to produce their top quality swimwear on Queensland’s renowned Gold Coast backed by an industry leading team of fabric printers in Sydney. This arrangement was perfect, as it gave them an excuse for more beach trips under the guise of 'business'.

Launching their first collection in the Summer of 2014 with a homage to Coffs Harbour’s Big Banana, Nown’s exclusive signature prints, and focus on superior quality and fit has already proven a hit with fun-loving girls around the world. With orders from far-off places like Stockholm and LA becoming common place, Nown hopes to continue to spread a little bit of Australia’s famous beach lifestyle throughout the world with every piece sold.